Air, Evolved.

Airthologie® is the modern & superior air enhancement system.

Our system uses only 100% Natural Molecules and is 100% Biodegradable, 100% Recyclable, and 100% Sustainable.

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I really wanted to get rid of any toxic air fresheners in my home, and wow this capsule system really gives of an amazing pure oil aroma that lasts weeks. Just love it!

Denise Richards

I love the cool design and fresh clean ambience that slowly diffuses in my workspace. Just so easy to use and high quality.

James Jonathan

I enjoy essential oils but the hassle of setting everything up all the time wasn't something I didn't want to deal with. With Airthologie, I just pop in a new capsule every month and voila, my condo smells awesome.

Phillippa Todd

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A member of patagonia's 1% for the planet organization

100% Natural Molecules

We use only pure essential oils to produce our clean scent, no synthetics, fragrances, or preservatives.

100% Biodegradable

Our diffuser pyramid is made of 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastic made of PLA (polylactic acid).

100% Recyclable

Our Air Poems are made of 100% fully recyclable aluminum and all our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

100% Sustainable

Our product, packaging, and delivery service is fully sustainable and reduces environmental waste.

Airthologie® Science

The Sinister Side of Scented Candles

The Sinister Side of Scented Candles

"Tests have confirmed, however, it is very possible decorative scented candles are a primary culprit."
How Essential Oils are Made

How Essential Oils are Made

The bottom line is that essential oils are created using heat, so diffusing them using heat is the original and quintessentially superior solution to dispersing them and breathing them in.
The Creepy Truth About Ultrasonic Diffusers

The Creepy Truth About Ultrasonic Diffusers

"Your skin cracks and bleeds, your lips shrivel to prunes and your nose feels stuffy and inflamed. Not only is dry winter air uncomfortable, but experts say those skin changes weaken your body’s defenses against sickness-causing germs. It’s no wonder Americans buy roughly 10 million humidifiers each year.

But depending on how frequently you clean your machine—and the type of water you fill it with—you may be inhaling harmful microorganisms." 

- Time Magazine, May 2017

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