Does Coronavirus survive in the air for a long time? We don't know yet, but some new research is looking into it.

According to scientists from the New England Journal of Medicine, airborne transmission of coronavirus, like measles, is "plausible."

It has been found that SARS-CoV-2, which is the actual name of the virus commonly called Coronavirus, can be detected in the air for up to three hours.

This could partially explain how quickly the virus can spread, its extreme virality testing the limits of constant cleaning and medical protective gear.

Another study in The Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA), found that some viral contaminant testing was found positive in areas that could only be reached if the viruses were floating in the air and landed on equipment.

As well, experts such as Dr. Linsey Marr, who is an expert in the transmission of viruses by aerosol at Virginia Tech, have said, "Many, but not all viruses, have shown they survive worst at this level of humidity [65%]." The lower the humidity, "the virus might survive even longer."

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