About Us

Our name is inspired by the origins of the original anthology, compiled in the first century BC, under the title Anthologia, or "Garland." In the preface, an arrangement of poems is described as if it were a headband or garland of flowers woven together, that ultimately in later years made the word "Anthology" a synonym for a collection of literary works for future generations.


As such, Airthologie® serves to deliver to you perfectly crafted Air +Plus™ capsules, composed of pure essential oil blends distilled from the finest plants and flowers, that change month to month based on the unique seasonal availability of pure essential oils produced by our trusted farmers and suppliers, in the most environmentally friendly method/process possible to ensure that the earth remains a collection of natural beauty to enjoy for future generations.


Airthologie® was designed and developed by VetoSynth Inc, a technology company focused on developing environmentally sustainable consumer products with a focus on “LifeCycle Thinking” processes and energy harvesting technologies.