Air Pyramid™

  • The Air Pyramid™ specially designed to allow for the all natural contents of the capsule to diffuse over a long period of time by controlling the rate of evaporation through the engineered diameter holes at the peak of the pyramid.


  • Our Air Pyramid™ is made of 100% biodegradable bio-plastic, called PLA.
    • Our environmental effort extends to not just our oils and capsules, but all of our packaging including our pyramid diffuser, in that is made of 100% PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid), which is a bio-plastic made of sustainable corn compounds, and which contain no BPA.
    • PLA is a bio-plastic that can be industrially composted, which separates it from typical fossil fuel based plastics which degrade over a much longer period of time and in a much more destructive manner.
    • We use 100% no petro-plastic in the packaging, creation, or production of our Air Pyramid™.


  • Our closed container is pet and baby friendly, as it’s impossible for a pet to accidentally eat the fragrance capsule when it is encased in the pyramid.
    • Pets (dogs, cats, and birds) are particularly sensitive to strong fragrances and chemicals, so it’s best to use light diffusion methods that are tamper proof and do not allow for direct contact with any scents.
    • Because our sealed aluminum capsules are secured into our Air Pyramid™, with a threaded spool piece, they are impossible to get to by curious babies or pets.
    • The diffusion orifice at the top of Air Pyramid™ is the only opening to the contents of the aluminum capsule and cannot be accessed via the port holes very easily.


Air Pyramid

Air pyramid