Airthologie® Caps

Our Airthologie® Caps are composed of 100% Premium Essential Oils.

  • Each capsule is 100% nitrogen atmosphere sealed from the factory ensuring zero oxidation of the delicate essential oil molecules during their short journey to you.
    • A nitrogen packaged atmosphere prevents oxygen from oxidizing the natural aromatic molecules and thus degrading the quality of the molecules in our capsules.
    • We use fully recyclable aluminum capsules, instead of glass bottles and plastic lids that are discarded and cannot be recycled as the materials are not separated properly. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, and uses just 5% of the energy to re-use as newly refined aluminum.


  • Our monthly packaging system ensures that oils are packaged as freshly as possible to ensure the crispness of the aromatic scent.
    • Because we practice a just in time manufacturing process instead of filling glass bottles with oils that may sit for many months before use, we keep the oil quality delivered to our customers as high as possible.
    • In the typical approach, you may have a small expensive bottle of oil or a cheap plastic air freshener sitting on a shelf at home and each time you open it up it’s being exposed to oxygen, which is slowly degrading the quality of the oil.

  • All natural essential oil molecules are highly sensitive to light, oxidation, and temperature.
    • Because light cannot penetrate our aluminum capsule during transit and during use, with only the the piercing of the capsule at the top allowing the molecules to escape, our oil is protected from light damage.
    • With our nitrogen packaging system, the oil is completely protected from oxidation damage from time of filling until time of use.
    • Because we use a natural effusion method we use no heat to volatilise and vaporize our oil, which in itself is a damaging process to the fragile oil molecules and diminishes the quality of the scent.

  • Our patented packaging system completely eliminates light and oxidation degradation and our passive diffusion model releases the essential oil with little temperature increase required.
    • In order to effectively use a natural effusion method that does not use heat, we developed a completely new way of slow release of the oils aromatic compounds that will last 30 days and retain the same notes.
    • As the scent is slowly released, there is no feeling of being overwhelmed by the scent followed by little to no scent, our effective and light release provides a satisfying yet low concentration of high quality aroma.

  • No synthetic or preservative based solvents are used in our products.
    • Because of our nitrogen packed atmosphere we do not need to use preservatives to maintain the quality of the oil, nor do we need to use alcohol to aid in accelerating the vaporization rate of the oil.
    • Babies are also sensitive to strong scents, and toxic chemicals such as phthalates, which are prevalent in almost all standard commercial air fresheners.



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